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Title: Initiation
Pairing: Nick/Garbo
Summary: It's Kevin's wedding weekend. But somehow it becomes special for Nick and Garbo too. 
Series: Part #1 of the Wedding Verse
Comments: Are always appreciated. :)

The music was too loud, they’re was too much alcohol and Greg Garbowsky was wearing a pair of skinny jeans that where making Nicholas Jonas’s heart skip a beat, just a little.

Sitting in the corner of the hotel room, the youngest band member watched the bachelor party with vague interest. Joseph Jonas was giggling continuously to himself after just two glasses of incredibly expensive, tasteless champagne. Kevin Jonas was having an incredibly good time spending time with all his male family members. He was currently sitting on the brown leather couch, situated at the back of the room with his older cousins. Their loud laughter could be heard over the music and it made Nick smile, again just a little.

Nick was trying really really hard not to stare at Garbo and his incredibly tight jeans but somehow his eyes kept flicking towards him. And just to make this evening somewhat worse for Nick, Garbo was flirting outrageously with his only gay relative. The obvious touches and eye contact made it hard for Nick to not go over there and hit his cousin hard in the nose. Nick wasn’t eve a violent person. He knew what Mark was like with men, he’d severely regretted going out shopping with Mark once after he flirted with every hot male shopping assistant, it had become incredibly embarrassing.

Nick had been the first person to know Garbo was gay, equally Garbo had been the first person Nick told when he’d realised he was gay, knowing his friend would understand his confusion. But then, these feelings had started. The feelings of fluttering butterflies in the base of his stomach whenever Garbo looked at him and smiled in this perfect way, the way that made his eyes shine and a dimple appear in his cheeks.

Nick groans softly to himself when Garbo turns a little to the right giving Nick the most perfect view of his beautiful arse that are being showed off in those tight black devil jeans. But then Garbo turns round and looks at him, his eyes staring right into his and suddenly there is a slow smirk spreading over his lips before he’s turned back to Mark.

Averting his eyes quickly, Nick pushes himself up off the floor and walks over to the food and drink table, taking a glass of coke and sniffing it quickly to make sure it is just coke. With some of his family you never know. Deciding he needs to be alone, he goes into one of the many bedrooms this hotel room seems to have and sits on the edge of the bed, clutching his coke hoping the world would just swallow him up.

Garbo knew he was staring. Does that mean Garbo knows how Nick feels? Will Garbo say something? or will he just ignore it? Nick can’t loose that friendship, it helps him feel grounded. Not get completely swallowed up by music.

But when the door opens, Nick knows who it is and his eyes automatically, once again go to Garbo. His friend is staring at him, expecting him to do something but Nick really doesn’t know what to do.

His body and brain are telling him to do completely different things and he doesn’t know which one to follow. After having a quick mental think Nick makes a decision. Standing up, and following what his feet are telling him to do, Nick stands right in front of Garbo and stares at him.

Garbo’s body is gently pressed against his and Nick lifts up his chin just a little so their lips press against each other softly. It feels perfect, exactly like Nick would imagine and he can’t help but smile against those fantastic lips. Moving his arms to around Garbo’s neck he presses himself against Garbo even more, feeling ever conture of the body pressed against his own. The feeling in incredible and something Nick never wants to forget. The heat. The firmness. The sparks running through his body. It’s even better than he ever imagined it would be.

The lips against his own are firm and confident unlike his own lips which he feels are tentative. Even though he’s going with this, a part of him is holding back to help protect and save himself. But when Garbo’s hand moves down his back, slowly moving on to his ass, squeezing it softly and brushing their groins together Nick knows this is going to happen and it’s going to be something he will never regret. Kissing Garbo firmly, Nick gently presses his tongue against Garbo’s lips asking for permission and as soon as he gets it, his tongue moves slowly into Garbo’s mouth, smiling when he hears the older man moan gently. The feel of their tongues against one another sends shivers down Nick’s spine.

Garbo slowly starts pushing Nick towards the bed and when his knees hit the edge he falls gracefully with Garbo falling on top of him. The kisses suddenly being pressed along his jaw and neck make Nick’s head fall backwards allowing more skin to be exposed. His hands are fisted in the bed covers as Garbo’s lips move swiftly along the pale skin, kissing softly and gently nibbling but not enough to leave a mark.

When Garbo’s hand slowly travels down to Nick’s jean button, he feels himself tense just a little and the older man stops, looking him into the eye to make sure that Nick is okay with this. No words are necessary so Nick just nods softly. Garbo smiles gently, pressing a quick kiss to Nick’s lips before moving down his body and unbuttoning the jeans, along with the fly. Lifting up Nick’s hips he pulls down the jeans and boxers just a little in one swift go, allowing Nick’s cock to bounce upwards. The younger man’s body shivers as the cold air hits his hot, erect member.

Nick moans loudly as Garbo engulfs him suddenly with his eyes rolling into his head when Garbo starts to move his mouth and tongue along the member, using his teeth against the sensitive skin making Nick feel things he has never felt before in his life. Writhing under Garbo’s touch Nick pants softly, moaning when a wave of pleasure rolls through his body. A pleasurable feeling starts to pool in the base of his stomach telling him he’s growing closer. His moans become longer and more frequent, somehow Garbo knows that Nick is growing closer so he speeds up his rhythm, bringing Nick closer and closer to the edge. When Nick comes hard, his whole body convulses and he sees stars.

Lying there his eyes closed, a lazy smile on his face and his whole body feeling as if it was about to melt into the bed, Nick Jonas was a very happy guy. With the feeling of fingers running through his curls, Nick opened his eyes slowly and stared into Garbo’s.

“Here I was thinking Kevin was the only one who was going to be getting lucky this weekend,” Garbo said with a wink and a cheeky smile. Nick just grinned and leaned up kissing him sloppily and lazily.

“I think we better get back out to the party,” Nick whispered with a sigh.

“I suppose.” Garbo said wrinkling his nose.

“You could always come back to my room later if you wanted to.” Nick suggested, biting his bottom lip nervously.

Garbo smiled softly. “That would be great.”

Nick smiled in return.

“We’ll talk later too,” Garbo told him. “Properly.”

Nick nodded, as Garbo slid of the bed and he followed pulling up his trousers and boxers making himself comfortable again. Making sure he looked okay he started walking to the hotel door but was stopped when Garbo slipped his arm around Nick’s waist resting his chin on his shoulder.

Sending shivers down his spine, Garbo whispered into Nick’s ear. “I knew I was going to love Kevin’s wedding for a reason. If this is what happens on the stag do, I can’t wait to see what happens for the Wedding and Honeymoon.”