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Feels Right (Jovnick)

Title: Feels Right
Pairing: Jovnick
Summary: Marrying Danielle just wasn't right.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine.

When Kevin got engaged it was a mutual unspoken agreement they would no longer have their insestual fun. Joe and Nick occasionally just needed to feel the presence of someone else and not feel alone in the sea of wedding plans and screaming girls. But even though they no longer felt lonely, they still felt like something was missing. 

The bed seemed to big for just the two of them.

They could no longer make a Nick sandwich. It was a long standing joke that as Nick was the youngest he had to go in the middle. Nick complained at first but when he realised how nice it was he stopped.

And somehow the conversations they had that lasted until the morning no longer seemed as meaningful. It was a tradition that on a Friday they would discuss a multitude of different things from, terrorism, to whether soda was better in a bottle or a can. After Kevin moved in with Danielle, the conversations seemed bland and forced.

Nick tried to be strong, but a part of him broke when he watched Kevin get married. The way he looked into her eyes and the gentle, loving kiss pressed to her lips at the end of the ceremony. The exact way Kevin used to kiss Nick and Joe. It broke his heart. 

The house seemed empty and quiet, Nick couldn't stand it. Joe was clingy and was always holding his hand, snuggling into his side when they where on the sofa. Sometimes Nick didn't mind but other times he felt like telling Joe to just go away. He did once, Joe instantly got the puppy eyes and slumped off to his bedroom. Nick felt really bad instantly and followed him up, he held him close and apologised profusely. Joe forgave him instantly, Nick wasn't surprised. They relied on each other to much to be in a mood with one another.

Nick could see the pain in Joe's eyes when he told him about the administration. But his brother understood why he wanted to do it, he supported him every step of the way and even helped him pack when it was time for the tour. 

They both cried themselves to sleep that night, clinging to one another as they kissed like it was the last time they where ever going to see one another.

Nick very rarely saw Kevin and he couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not. He missed his older brother he did, but at the same time just looking at him brought everything back and that made his chest ache in a way that made him feel like he couldn't breathe.

On the first night of the tour, he felt the familiar adrenaline and felt on top of the world but when he went to his hotel room he had no one to share the buzz with. He ended up phoning Joe and telling his brother how much he missed him, how much he loved him. Nick fell asleep listening to Joe's voice. 

Kevin was living like a ghost. He would do everything that was expected of him. Make Danielle breakfast in bed. Moan in the right places when they where having sex. Kiss her on the cheek when she said something funny. Kevin knew that Danielle could tell something was wrong but thankfully she never asked what it was. How could he explain that just having Danielle's purity ring in his finger felt wrong. He wanted his brothers. He could never love Danielle as much as he loved Joe and Nick, he'd tried. Tried so hard. But it just wasn't enough to make the pain go away in his chest. 

As soon as Kevin heard Nick had cancelled a show he knew something was really wrong. Nick hated cancelling shows, he'd do anything to prevent it. He stood in the middle of the room listening to his mum on the phone and all he could think about was trying to decide how long it would take him to get to the hotel and hold his little brother tight in his arms.

Kevin quickly put the phone down as soon as he could and started running around the house.

"Kevin, sweetie. What's wrong?" Danielle asked from the bedroom door.

"Nick's ill. He's cancelled a show." Kevin said as he stuck his head in a wardrobe.

"Wow, he must be bad." Danielle commented. "Give him my love."

That was one of the reasons he'd fallen for Danielle, she always knew how much his family meant to him. He did love her, he did. But he just loved his brothers oh so much more.

Soon Kevin was in a taxi heading to the airport, paying the excessive amount just to see his brother. He couldn't sleep on the plane, he just tapped restlessly on the arm, wishing he would get there faster. Soon, he was getting in another taxi heading to the hotel. 

As he climbed out and went into the lobby he wasn't surprised to see Joe standing there talking to the receptionist. After a few moments his brother turned around catching his eye. Kevin smiled weakly while Joe just stared. Joe licked his lips before cocking his head in a sign of, follow me. Kevin caught up to him and they walked in silence to Nick's room, the whole way the ring on his wedding finger seemed to be burning.

They walked into the room silently, Big Rob letting them in with a tight smile and a nod. Both of them just stared at the lump in the bed, the curtains where closed but the light still got in slightly. 

Kevin watched Joe walk forward and craw onto the bed. 

"Joey?" Nick croaked. 

"Yeah Nicky, I'm here." Joe whispered lying down and running his hand through Nick's curls. 

Kevin walked forward and sat down on the other side of Nick. Nick turned his face and met his gaze. 

"Kev?" Nick whispered.

"Yeah Baby J, I'm here." He pulled off his shoes and jacket and lay on the other side of Nick. 

"Nick sandwich," Nick sighed sleepily snuggling into Kevin while Joe snuggled into Nick. 

Kevin leaned over and entwined his fingers with Joe, just like they used to. Kevin buried his face into Nick’s curls, his eyes squeezed shut. The older boy hated how right this felt but at the same time he couldn’t pull himself away. 

He didn’t realise he’d fallen asleep until he felt his cell vibrating in his pocket. Kevin moaned as he moved his aching body from around Nick, pulling his fingers away from Joe he slowly got of the bed trying not to disturb his brothers. He walked out of the room, before slipping the phone to his ear. 

“Hey Kev,” Danielle smiled down the phone. 

Kevin rested his body against the wall, “Hey.”

“How is he?”

“He’s asleep. Not managed to speak to him yet.”

“Aww, poor thing. Just wanted to ring tell you I’m going to bed and I’ll see you soon.”

“Ok. I’ll, er, talk to you soon.” 

“Love you.”

Kevin felt his throat choke up momentarily. “Love you.”

He slid the phone into his pocket, running his tongue along his lips slowly before looking down the hallway and going back into the room. 

Kevin knew his brothers where awake when he got back into the bed. They returned to their original positions but nothing was said. Kevin was waiting for it. He didn’t know what was going to be said but the tension in the room told you it was going to be said. 

“Why are you here?” Nick asked, his voice was still rough. 

It was obvious the question was for Kevin, they’re was no doubt at all about Joe.

“You’re my brother.” Kevin whispered. It seemed the most sensible reason. 

He heard Joe sigh softly, but that was the only comment. When it got later, he heard Nick’s stomach rumble. 

“I’ll go and get us some food.” Kevin told them. He grabbed his shoes and went down to the kitchen. He managed to get a pile of sandwiches and some chips. He thanked them before heading back up. 

When he walked into the room, he nearly dropped the platters. Joe had his mouth over Nick’s cock, moving his head quickly making slurping noises as he sucked the pre-cum into his mouth. Kevin gulped and tried to remove his eyes but he couldn’t. His body was starting to respond in a way he hadn’t felt in a long time, arousal and excitement. 

He and his brothers had never had sex. They’d had they’re fun, doing everything except sex. And as he watched his brothers Kevin hoped it had stayed that way. Mainly due to the pain in his chest telling him he could have missed out on something special.

Placing the plates on the side, he moved forward towards the bed. Kevin ran his hand up Joe’s back, he felt the boy jump. Two sets of eyes where on him as he kneeled on the bed, the older boy kissed Joe’s neck making his brother shiver. 

“Continue, you guys look so hot.” Kevin ordered Joe. He saw a smirk spread on Joe’s face before he followed the order, Nick bucked up into Joe’s mouth instantly. 

Kevin crawled up the bed and kissed Nick. He didn’t care about germs, he didn’t care if his brother was ill. He just wanted this moment. Kissing Nick deeply, he swirled his tongue around the youngest boy’s mouth. They moaned in time, Nick pulled away, panting into Kevin’s mouth as he grew closer and closer to a climax. 

“Close,” Nick panted roughly. Kevin turned to look at Joe, who was twisting his hand around the base of Nick’s erection moving his head quickly up and down. Kevin ran his hand under Nick’s cotton top, flicking his fingers over his brothers nipples. 

He groaned as he felt his erection straining against his jeans as he watched Nick cum hard into Joe’s mouth. His brother licking up every drop of Nick’s juices moaning with the taste. 

He leans over Nick’s body crashing his lips with Joe’s just so he can taste his brothers mixed together. Kevin moans at the taste and grips Joe’s hair tightly. 

When the older brother realises what he’s doing he backs off the bed, his eyes like a deer caught in head lights. 

“Wrong. I’m married.” Kevin grabs his stuff and runs out off the room. It takes him a shorter amount of time to home and he’s thankful for that. When he gets home, Danielle is sitting at the kitchen table, half a bottle of wine left and papers all around her. 

She looks at Kevin in a way that tells him she knows. Danielle slides a piece of paper towards him. 

“I’m not going to take anything off you, I signed a pre-nup.” Danielle told him. 

Kevin just stands there he doesn’t know what do. She’s divorcing him, for being in love with his brothers. 

“I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

That’s all it takes for him to sign the papers. He knows its for the best. She deserves better. He deserves better.


When Kevin walks into the hotel room, his brothers stare at him. The divorce has already hit the headlines and it was only finalised two days ago. Kevin hasn’t spoken to his brothers in two months he just couldn’t face it. He dumps his bag on the floor, his jacket over the top and sits on the edge of the bed. Cradling his head in his hands he stares at the floor. He doesn’t know what to say or do. 

But then he feels a hand on the base of his back, sitting up straight he turns to see Joe sitting behind him and Nick beside him. Kisses are being pressed to his skin and he’s gently being tugged into the middle of the bed. 

“It’s time for a Kevin sandwich.” Nick whispers in his ear. He smiles softly as Joe wraps his arms around him, holding him close. 

Joe pressed a kiss to his cheek before resting his head on Kevin’s chest. “I love you,” Joe whispered into his chest. 

Nick repeated the action and it made the smile spread on his face further. 

Kevin felt at home. Felt like he was lying in bed with the right people. It had taken a long time for him to realise that he it wasn’t wrong to love, whoever it might be.


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(Deleted comment)
Feb. 22nd, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
So glad you like it. :D *hugs*
Feb. 22nd, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
Aww such a great idea, I love it and clingy Joe is love. xxx
Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:26 pm (UTC)
Glad you liked it, Thank you for reading.

Cling Joe is love. Tee Hee.
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