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 My dad's brother, my uncle has just come to pick up my brothers and take them to Taekwondo as my dad was stuck in traffic. I stood at the door and waved at him many times but he completely blanked me. I know he knew I was here. 

I know my parents are splitting up but I've always had a good relationship with my uncle and is this what it's coming too? At Christmas I wasn't completely ignored but I wasn't exactly welcomed when I went to my grans on boxing day. 

It really hurts. Like really really hurts.

Rant of the month.

 The last few weeks have been kind of crappy. I've had enough of everything. My grandma got admitted to hospital two weeks yesterday and she's really ill and just seems to be slowly getting worse. She lives about an hour and a half away from us and we went to see her last Sunday and today. It was horrible. She looks really ill and she's telling us what she's been through and I just hate it. Me and my mum spoke to the nurse and she thinks she's going to be in for another week or maybe even more. 

It was decided when she first went into hospital that she would be coming back here to live with us, for a semi-permanent length of time. My grandma never puts herself first and she usually never lets the hospital keep her in, because of her cats. But because she's so ill she allowed herself to stay in and she's now getting the treatment she should have been getting all the other times they wanted her to stay in. So when my grandma comes back here, she's bringing her two cats. My dad hates cats. Like really hates them. So that didn't go down well but I think he understood that she has to come over and the only way she will is with her cats.

So my mum is super stressed about her mother, as you would presume so the amount of fights my mum and dad have have gone up by like 100%. The other day they had a blazing, stupid row about milk. MILK! It's totally stressing me out, my mum is being extra nit picky and snappy which I understand but I can't deal with it any more. 

I had my psychology exam a few weeks ago, it went dreadfully. Like really bad. So I'm worried about that but thankfully I don't have to wait too long for my results. 

I broke up on friday for a week and I think it's the first ever time I've said I just want to go back to college. It's my brothers birthday party next sunday and we're hardly prepared for it so that's on my mind. 

Sleep and Alcohol sound good right now.